Donald Wilson, Technical Director

859 N Camac St
Philadelphia, PA 19123


From 2005 to 2012 Mr. Wilson produced approximately 5,000 gallons of fuel from raw yellow grease. Approximately 4,000 gallons of this was purified yellow grease and the remaining 1,000 gallons was converted via transesterification into BioDiesel. All components were built, operated and maintained by Mr. Wilson. Vehicles tested were 1985 BMW 524TD (10,000 miles), 1985 Mercedes 300D (40,000 miles), 1994 Chevrolet C/K3500 (40,000 miles). Transesterification was done in a 30 gallon batch processor using a base catalyst and water washed.
From 2009 to 2012 Mr. Wilson operated Wilson’s Soap Co, crafting handmade soaps from a variety of oils, fatty acids and waxes. The soaps were available in 14 retail stores. This gave valuable insight not only into the associated chemical processes but also the business aspect; sales & marketing, the importance of the distribution chain and building the right relationships.


• In-depth knowledge of collecting, purifying, testing and processing yellow grease.
• Experience designing and building grease processing equipment (plumbing, pumps, agitators, etc…).
• Experience processing yellow grease into BioDiesel and soaps.
• Experience processing free fatty acid and glycerol byproducts into soaps.
• Experience fabricating parts from carbon and stainless steel.
• Materials-compatibility experience.
• Experience with electrical wiring (12VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC)
• Some experience with high-pressure hydraulics.
• Some experience with programmable logic controllers.
• Proficient Mechanic, gas and Diesel.


• Six hundred square foot indoor workshop with necessary fabrication tools and equipment.
• One hundred square foot detached workshop with inert-gas welder, plasma cutter & torches.


• College level chemistry
• Alternative materials
• Small Engine Repair
• Numerous Business classes

Role in SBIR Project

Mr. Wilson has previously built a biodiesel pilot plant. He will be responsible for the fabrication of the equipment needed to support the proof of concept. Mr. Wilson will work with a research assistant to analyze the properties of the trap grease and will fabricate the necessary equipment to separate the components. He will also fabricate the equipment needed to test and process the trap grease. Mr. Wilson will test the biodiesel output and will work with Ms. Hums to document the quality and success of each test.