Marylin Huff, Chief Executive Member

Chief Executive, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Safety Officer
Environmental Fuel Research, LLC
859 N Camac St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


Dr. Huff is the director of the undergraduate laboratory in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. She received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1990 and her PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1994. She has taught engineering and done research at the University of Delaware (1995-2000), Drexel University (2000-2001, 2005-2008), Villanova University (2012-2013), and the University of Pennsylvania (2006, 2013-present).
Dr. Huff has extensive experience in catalyst and process development. She holds two patents on catalyst composition for process design for energy efficient production of commodity chemicals. She has taught students how to use small scale chemical process equipment of all kinds and has been responsible for maintaining and upgrading this equipment. Dr. Huff also has training in Emergency Preparedness and Industrial Safety.

Selected Publications and Patents

M. A. Barteau, R. Martinez-Rey, U. Pagoda, and M. C. Huff, “Functionalized Monolith Catalyst and Process for Production of Ketenes,” US Patent 6232504, issued May, 2001.

L. D. Schmidt and M. Huff, “Catalytic Oxidative Dehydrogenation Process,” US Patent 6452061, issued September, 2002.

A. Pant, M. C. Huff, and T. W. F. Russell, “Reactor and Reaction Model for the Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon from Silane, “Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 40 (2001) 1386-1396.

T. M. Raybold, M. C. Huff, “Syngas Production by CO2 Reforming of CH4 in a Pd Membrane Reactor,” Chemical Technology (Jan/Feb 2000).

M. C. Huff, I. P. Androulakis, J. H. Sinfelt, and S. C. Reyes, “The Contribution of Gas-Phase Reactions in the Pt-Catalyzed Conversion of Ethane-Oxygen Mixtures,” J. Catal. 191 (2000) 46-54.

Role in SBIR Project

Dr. Huff will serve as the chief executive of Environmental Fuel Research as well as the Safety Officer and Quality Assurance Engineer. She will maintain the books and keep records of all business matters. She will oversee the design of the experiments with a particular focus on safety. She will maintain and review the experimental data to better understand the reproducibility of the data and the robustness of the process equipment. She will recommend process changes as needed.